You're Invited to the Maryland International School Earth Day Festival 2024

We are looking for local businesses and vendors to join us for our annual Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 20, from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

What is MDIS Earth Day?

An annual community event where MDIS students have an opportunity to educate through interactive activities and promote ways to protect and restore our earth. The 2024 Earth Day focuses on Planet vs. Plastics including the topics: Marine Life Impact, Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics, Ubiquitous Pollution, Plastics’ Damaging Effect on Animals & Humans, Ecosystem Disruption, Industry Damage Through Use of Plastics, Biodiversity Hotspots, Innovative Technologies & Materials, Policies & Taking Action, and Earth Day Challenges

MDIS is searching for individuals and organizations with a focus the Environment who can provide hands-on activities and/or demonstrations during our Event. If you are interested in being an exhibitor, please submit the interest form belo.

Earth Day Festival 2023 Exhibitors

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