Maryland International School Earth Day Festival 2022

On Saturday, April 30, 2022, MDIS Celebrated its 5th Annual Earth Day Festival! We are happy to have held this event in person for our MDIS families this year and hope that we can invite our community next year. 

The Earth Day 2022 theme was Restore Our Earth: Drive Change & Make an Impact. Based on this theme, MDIS students have focused on the following topics over the course of the last eight weeks: 1) Climate & Environmental Literacy, 2) Act on Climate Change, 3) Conservation & Restoration, 4) End Plastic Pollution, and 5) Food & Environment.  The goal for Earth Day 2022 was for students to curate their learning by planning and designing an exhibit to:

  1.  INFORM communities about local environmental issues and how environmental issues will impact their region, the country and the world.
  2. PROMOTE values and behaviors that address environmental degradation and climate change in an inclusive and participatory setting.
  3. EMPOWER their community with the civic engagement skills necessary to take action to restore our Earth.
Our Earth Day Impact:

Thank you to all of our students, staff, parent volunteers, and families for making this event a success! Check out the photos below!

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