2022-23 Student Summit and Pep Rally

Student Summit and Pep Rally 2022

As school year 22-23 began, MDIS students had the chance to come together to prepare and get excited for a fresh start this year! Each grade level participated in Student Summit meetings: gatherings of students and teachers to learn about MDIS’ IB standards, socially acclimating to a new year, doing research honestly, self-management skills, and science fair details while getting to connect with peers in a light-hearted setting. Some student favorites included a group play put on by MDIS upper school teachers about self-management, and a discussion with our Administration about school dance ideas for the year. After the morning sessions, MDIS faculty and students gathered together on the Tiger Terrace to grab a slice of pizza and get to know each other.

After the final summit meeting, the 2022-2023 Pep Rally began. After preparing a fun presentation on an IB learner profile trait, each grade took to the halls with cheers and songs, dances, and banners rallying out to the front of the school to celebrate! From 1st graders performing an impressive number of choreographed cartwheels to 10th graders marching with their chant, “Knowledge is power”, every grade had something to contribute to the MDIS Spirit! At the end of the rally, we enjoyed some ice cream to cool down while final votes were tallied for the winning grade of the pep contest. Ultimately, 8th-grade students won a dress-down day as well as a few other prizes for their stellar performance. Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm, Tigers! Here’s to the beginning of another great year!

Thank you to all of our students & faculty for making this event a success! Check out the photos below!